Tech the Key to New Real Estate Investors


In a recent article from Entrepreneur, technology was touted as the go-to method of recruiting new real estate investors.

So, what are these technological advancements that will bring new real estate investors to the marketplace?

According to Entrepreneur, it's data-driven investing, short-term rentals, and the untapped potential of real estate as an asset.

Data-driven investing lets potential investors see where the money is. By doing some simple research online, information is now readily available for investors to review whether a property is worth the investment. It can provide insight if a property may be a great rental or flipping opportunity.

AirBNB and other home rental apps have paved the way for investors to see if a property might be a good vacation rental opportunity. Based on a property's location, as properties arrive to market, the technology can make it easy to see if it would be profitable investment based on rental trends in surrounding neighborhoods.

Using new technological tools to determine if a property may pay off is still somewhat new, but advancements are made every day to help investors make better choices when it comes to investment decisions. 

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