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Brad Chandler is the Co-Founder and CEO of Express Homebuyers.  Prior to founding Express Homebuyers, he was the CFO and Senior Vice President of a Springfield, VA-based development company, which bought and renovated distressed multi-family properties and converted them to low-income condominiums or low-income rentals.

Rich Levine is the Founder and President of Greenbriar Lending, LLC., which focuses on private lending for real estate investors in multiple markets.  Rich is also a seasoned DC-Metro area investor, having renovated, financed, or flipped hundreds of DC projects.

Ben Benita is a short sale expert, motivational speaker, and author of the bestselling "Learning to Swim in the Short Sale Ocean" and "Are You More Likely to See Bigfoot or a Short Sale Approval Letter".  As a member of Golston Real Estate Ben focuses on residential and commercial investment properties.

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Corey Dutko and Sean Ragen are the Co-Founders of Dutko|Ragen Homes & Investments.  Both Corey and Sean have extensive traditional residential real estate experience and in 2012 were the Co-Founders of Northern Virginia Investments, a real estate investment firm. Corey and Sean have hundreds of real estate transactions and real estate investment projects.

Greg Norman is a full-time real estate investor and Founder of SOLDnextWEEK.com.  Greg has purchased, rehabbed, resold, and wholesaled hundreds of properties throughout his nearly 20 years in the real estate industry.

Bobby Montagne is the Founder and Owner of Walnut Street Development, a small and independent real estate development firm.  With over 20 years in real estate development Bobby has worked with large and small companies controlling billions of dollars in transactions.



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