Q: What is Grid?

A: a network for hyper local real estate entrepreneurs focused on building wealth.



It all started when…

Grid, formerly known as The CAZA Investor Network, began as a small networking group in 2007, created by Rob Chevez, as a way to network with like-minded people.

Word spread.

Since then, the group has evolved into a powerful mastermind that empowers others to build a real estate business worth owning and create a life worth living. Grid is a community of individuals that share the common goal of financial freedom through investment in real estate, businesses, and personal growth.

Through a combination of monthly in-person eventsonline training, and a private, online community, we strive to provide high quality information and various opportunities to connect. 

This network exists for you, the real estate entrepreneur, to discover and share ideas, strategies, and resources for building a successful real estate business.

At Grid, we believe that the networking, education and inspiration you need to become a real estate investing pro is best found at the local level – which means that you need local knowledge, local contacts and local resources to help you grow.

When we first started our investment group, people asked us all the time, "Why are you training your competition?"

Truth is, we have never seen it that way. Business is about relationships, we don't view our fellow investors as competition but rather co-competition. We've bought and sold deals to other investors, joint-ventured on projects, borrowed and lent money on rehabs and found mentors, partners and friends among the great people we've met in this business.